Making spaces better inch by inch.

The occasional fun of a work-from-home day has now become a long unending routine and almost everybody is longing to go back to the office for the first time. Well, that time will come too but at present, we can do nothing about it but just wait. What we can do for now is to create a nice visual display and a comfortable space that invites you and keeps it interesting you know!

Personalised home office desk
Social distancing alert! We have made sure that you don’t need to step out of your house to implement the following tips because let's face it guys, its still unsafe outside and we need to do our part in social distancing

First and Foremost

You need to, like saving the earth level need to, set up a dedicated workspace. Its high time to get up from those beds or couches and sit on a chair and table. Don't even think twice before investing in a comfortable office chair (google ergonomic chair now) and then just go through the following points to jazz it up just a little.


One of the things you can start with is to Personalise your space. An easy way to do that is by keeping pictures of your loved ones, your role model or that favourite quote that speaks to you to add that warmth to your work.

Hey! nobody’s literally there to judge you for your fascination for giraffes !

You can even add your favourite things like bobbleheads, avenger figurines, your Rubik's cube, dart game, word game, books etc. These things will provide that healthy distraction you need.

Lighten up

If possible, relocate your work desk to a place near a window or a door, wherever you can catch some beautiful natural light. Try to increase the ambient lighting of your room by increasing wattage or adding fixtures.

You can always opt for a lamp of your choice from all the varieties of decorative lighting available and you will experience that glow in your work too. Always remember no amount of light is too much when it comes to working. Even studies indicate that higher lighting levels can improve productivity.

Dress it up

This is for the lazy ones!

Just try adding a pretty table cloth to the desk. Now, it can be a bedsheet, a curtain, any old saree, any piece of clothing or fabric. Spread it on your Tabletop in different ways, cover it up, fold it in the centre, or just use it as a table runner. It can be multicoloured, patterned, or just solid colour whatever gives you the feels and hey! You can frequently change them too.

home office desk with lamp

Now, this is some extremely easy, organic and versatile decor and to top it all, costs nada! (just wash it and wear it the next day for all we know 😉)


However, you decorate your work desk, just add those touches of green with a blind eye. Bring that calm and nature to your work desk. Not to forget that plants are natural humidifiers and filter the air around which in turn reduces a lot of discomforts of long and continuous working hours. (dry eyes, sore throat)

Plants will maintain that early morning energy, freshness and liveliness for hours. Of course, you can go for fresh Bright Coloured flowers, multicoloured leaves or even cactus. (Just between us, it is the new cool). All you can do is add these gorgeous natural elements and they will work as an excellent piece of decorative accent for you.

Store More

This time will pass indeed but it sure is gonna be a while, so you are going to need that extra and organised storage now. First of all, try to save the tablespace for working as much as you can by

Floating shelves and below-the-desk storage
Floating shelves and below-the-desk storage
  • Hanging them
  • Storing vertically
  • Adding a side rack or small side table
  • Simply keeping them below your desk

Invest in the right desk organizer whenever you can. Till then, take out all those old boxes, shoe boxes, racks, baskets, jewellery boxes, put on some floating shelves (if you are sometimes that handyman too). One of my suggestions would definitely bsse to find your inner artist on those weekends and try some DIY storage, pen stands, etc. The Internet is full of this stuff.

Remember guys, This way, it is going to be productive and fun. You owe it to yourself in these times.

Concluding with some General Gyaan- Stay hydrated, Take chai breaks, Add scented candles/incense sticks, Play light music, Change desktop wallpapers frequently and Try changing work spots when tired.

Want more home office design ideas? Say no more! We got you covered. Check this out if you haven't already 5 Pro Tips to setup your home office

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