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Clothes and accessories make up an important part of our personality and it is important to store them the right way. Wardrobes have come a long way from the standard steel almirah or the authentic godrej almirah or wooden cupboards of lore.

These days, depending on the size of your space, you could either have a capsule wardrobe consisting of just the essentials or a walk in wardrobe. From our online guide, you will quickly be able to narrow down how to choose a wardrobe.

1. Understand Your Wardrobe Needs

Before you can choose the ideal wardrobe, ponder about what you need in terms of storage, display etc. Would you mainly use hangers? Would you like you to display your jewellery, sunglasses and cuff-links? Maybe you prefer wardrobe with drawers and sections.

Each section of the wardrobe can be planned according to the type of clothes that you own and can be designed that way. Sometimes, the base of the wardrobe is also designated for safekeeping your shoes. And a lot of people prefer to have storage space at the top for most of their off-season items or occasional clothing.

Wardrobe with multiple drawers and shelves

2. Basic measurements of your space

Depending on where you plan to keep your wardrobe, you would need to measure the space that it can take up. Start by measuring the length, breadth and the depth that you can opt for in your room. When deciding how to select a bedroom wardrobe, a handy tip is to measure the trim at the bottom and top as well that could extend the frame of the wardrobe. This is an excellent tip if you are measuring any piece of furniture for that matter.

A long open wardrobe

3. Wardrobe doors?

The size of the wardrobe and its place in your room can define the kind of access you would prefer for your wardrobe. In the last few years, people have preferred sliding doors because it saves spaces, it is effective to operate and looks more modern than normal doors that used to open out. Therefore, depending on your specific requirements you need to deliberate over the decision of doors as well. Hinged doors are cost-efficient, affordable and evergreen. If you have a smaller room, maximum space utilisation is via sliding wardrobes.

Hinged doors vs Sliding doors

4. Preferred Design, Handles and Finish

It is so crucial to understanding the aesthetic that you are going for with your wardrobe. It should match the general theme and design of the room. You can opt for the classic wooden wardrobes or go for sleek aluminium wardrobes that are light and long-lasting. The finish for the wooden wardrobes could be customised by deciding how to choose wardrobe laminate (matte, mid-grain, grained, etc). Next step is how to choose the wardrobe handles. You can go for special handles - gold and antique or French modern styles depending on the laminates and colour.

Don't forget about the wardrobe interior laminate finish in those subtle tones.

5. Who is Using it and How

It is what's inside that counts most in the wardrobe world! This is a crucial factor especially if you want a larger wardrobe that you are sharing with a spouse or family member. Several access options are possible, along with diverse shelving options. There are also the 3 door wardrobe and 4 door wardrobe options for different shelves and distinct items in your wardrobe. If you are sharing with children then the height and safe use become a priority.

Kids wardrobe

If you have to hang a lot of coats, you need bigger open spaces, but for accessories and summer clothes, you would need smaller shelves. Also, display shelves for jewellery would make it easier to get ready on hectic mornings.

I hope this helps you understand that deciding and understanding your requirements beforehand would make the designing process smooth.

Still finding it all confusing and complicated? That is what the professionals are for. You can directly contact us by clicking this link -> contact-us or you can drop us a mail at

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