Making spaces better inch by inch.

Your room is a feeling. Think of a bedroom and the first thing that comes to your mind is comfort. But how many of you have looked at it as a storage space?

Much ink has been spilled over huge houses and rooms being the epitome of luxury. In an alternate world, where everyone wants to have enough space to be able to walk around in luxurious master rooms. In reality, most of us don't have enough room to make that dream possible.

While the lack of space may feel like a burden at first, it's a great opportunity to flex your creative muscles and do some good. Even if you have little to no space in your room, just thinking differently can help. So, we have rounded up ideas on how to store and optimize every square inch of your wardrobe.

1. The Smarter Sliding Wardrobe

Do you wonder about adding a wow factor to your room? Installing a sliding wardrobe instead of a swinging wardrobe can save a lot of your precious space, look stylish, and give an elegant look to your bedroom. Now, isn't this smart!

2. Go all the way to the top - the lofts

Let your wardrobe design climb the walls to make the most of your vertical storage space. Make use of the height by opting for a Modern wardrobe with lofts. This design particularly is eye-catchy and plays up the height of the room, making it look more spacious. The lofts are used for things that you don't require so often such as travel bags or winter wear, put them up high. Easy peasy!

Wardrobe with the loft

3. Doorless wardrobes

Think outside the closet and there will be a place for everything under the sun. Wardrobe doors acquire extra floor and wall space. Open wardrobes are a hot trend now, so why not give it a try! You can cover it with curtains to save that extra space. Neutral-coloured curtains can provide a relaxed feel to this room and make the room look bigger.

Open wardrobe

4. Utilize the corners

Corners make fantastic closets, as you can effectively get twice the rail space. The L-shaped design is best suited for compact rooms! All you require is a spark of imagination to visualize the corner area and then hang items your way. It’s adaptive and extremely flexible to the specific needs of homeowners and their available space.

5. Modular wardrobes in the Modern Era

A modular wardrobe makes a bold aesthetic statement and is a great lifesaver for contemporary interior design. Many times you will find modular wardrobes with added functionalities like foldable table, built-in tv console, built-in dressing table, display racks, mirrors and other space-saving accessories like pull-down closet rods, drawer organiser, s-shape hangers etc giving you great ways to save space.

Small rooms are not bad. They are cozy and it just takes some clever styling and smart purchases to amplify the aesthetics of your abode. So make sure you don’t compromise. Just improvise!
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