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A Focus On Home

Our living room became the new dine-in, that cozy corner became the cafe place with the ambience, we are cooking more than ever and making our own Masterchef on social media, every corner of your home could make you the next Kusha Kapila or Dolly Singh when you create your tik-tok or reels video and not to forget the infamous work from home concept. Our home has become the real centrepiece of our lives.

And into 2021, we expect this focus on home to become only stronger. Nesting and creating spaces in our homes where we can take some time out will be paramount. I think there will be a focus on how we need our spaces to function, how we want to live in our space, and how we want to interact with our family. Whether that means renovating the kitchen because we’re now cooking more than we used to, or creating a cozy den or media room that allows for relaxation in the evenings or on weekends – getting our home design right will be more important than ever.

With many people’s attitudes on life changing during 2020, and many wishing they could get away this year, we take a look ahead at the interior design trends for the year 2021

In terms of the areas or zones in your home

Let's start with the place which became our new favourite during the lockdown where many of us spent most of our time.

Kitchen -  Black and Bold

Kitchens are shifting away from the longtime classic white, and experts are welcoming more bold color trends like : black. Alyssa Clough, director of content and growth at Semihandmade, says that they’ve been seeing black cabinetry incorporated into new kitchens for a few reasons: The strong color choice helps to create a distinction between a kitchen and living area in an open-plan space without needing to put up any walls, and the black helps to create visual interest in a space that may not have stood out previously.

our place

Before you go into those gothic feels and drop the idea- Consider black lower cabinets with a lighter color for the uppers so that the look isn’t overwhelming, or pairing black with open shelving for a lighter look. And, most importantly, Alyssa points out, black is a neutral, so it’s always going to be versatile

The other one would be green!

William Abranowicz

It feels like there is a new 'grey' every year, and by that, we mean a new popular color that becomes everyone's go-to. Last year it was blue, and this year it's definitely green – you know a color is going to be big when everyone starts painting their kitchens this color and we have never seen more green kitchens on Instagram or Pinterest than ever.

In the color trend report, color expert Tash Bradley said:

'Green stands for health, happiness and nature, so pretty much everything we were craving this year. Plus, it’s extremely versatile – it can be used as an almost neutral background colour, or a bold style statement. In any case, greens will be everywhere next year, replacing grey as a chic all-rounder. I have a hunch that thanks to its calming character, it’ll go on many a bedroom wall.' ( gender-neutral color concept)

As part of their 2021 trend report, Pinterest predicts that kitchens in particular will see even more open shelving to display beautiful copper cookware, colored glassware, and handmade clay dishes, of course. Such aesthetically pleasing cookware which you would leave on the counter with a 'so-called mistake'  as they look great even there!

For the living area? Umm... WAIT! do you even need it anymore?

Living Room - A Cozy Corner

This year might have just made the concept of the living room obsolete as now nobody wants to spend any more time with each other watching tv or chatting but everybody wants their own corner to work, read a book, chill or practice any other skill/hobby they might have developed during the lockdown.

Also, the trending bloggers or decor enthusiasts have inspired everyone to create and decorate nooks more than ever with the unending time. Adding soft and comfortable elements to your space, with a mixture of textures – linen and wool on sofas, armchairs, and warm wooden tables – combining all this to make a comfortable place to relax.

This adds texture and warmth, whilst also making the space feel cozy and lived in, a feeling that we crave especially in the colder months.

Living Room - Outdoor Living Areas

And speaking of nature, outdoor living areas are going to become a trend that sticks around for a long time. Creating these spaces may be a larger investment, but it will provide a return by providing additional square footage to usable space in the household. Screened-in patios with both heating and cooling elements, area rugs that withstand the elements, and televisions will provide families with more living spaces to share (or escape to!).

The Sleeping Room - Another activity that many of us overcompensated.

Bedroom - Statement Headboards

More care and attention will be placed in our bedrooms as we spend more time at home and have an increased appreciation of the space. Look towards using intricate headboards as a way of introducing personality to a space. Our bedroom interiors should be as individual as the people that inhabit them,' shares Martin Waller, founder of global design house Andrew Martin.

Not to forget, It is one of the easiest, cost-effective and impactful ways of transforming your room and redoing your furniture by giving your old bed a new life and in turn the room as a whole. It would serve nothing less than a statement piece of art.

While a headboard acts as the focal point of a room, Scarlett Blakey, Founder of Ophelia Blake Interior Design, suggests using the piece to complement other accessories in our room and create a curated space that mirrors a hotel's ambiance.

The finishing touches will be what transforms your space into the perfect calming environment for you. Use bold colors and be adventurous with style, pattern, and textures, choosing something which complements other features in the room,' Scarlett shares.

Adding it up with numerous handmade and DIY decor options submerging in the market in terms of lamps, Rugs, planters, decorative plates , wicker baskets and much more. We agree more than anything , this will be the time to discover and add much more character and personal touches to your bedroom.

The new cool!

Home Office As A Focal Point

Of course, home offices had to get a mention in here somewhere. Never has this, usually pretty functional room had so much attention. With us all working from home a whole lot more, home offices need to be spaces we want to spend time in and feel comfortable and productive in. Even if you don't have a dedicated home office, you can still create a 'separate' space to work in, you just have to think out of the box a bit – use an alcove, transform a hallway. We have even seen people using a wardrobe as an office! or a dining table. More of such creative, never-heard-before ideas are gonna emerge to tackle this new emerging work culture.

Perhaps, there has been a lot said, done, and written on this concept, so we don't need to elaborate any further.

And lastly the washrooms - The designated cleaning space

Washroom - Oversized Tiles

Skip the teeny-tiny penny tiles with the impossible-to-clean grout lines in favor of larger scale tiles in the bathroom. "Fewer grout lines means less cleaning and less visual clutter," explain the design pros at Houzz. "Plus, the large-format tile can help visually expand a small space."

Maintaining cleanliness and hygiene has become an over-performed activity or almost a hobby for few, and washrooms are certainly not the places you can miss out so this year's design should be something that requires less of cleaning or maintenance and dosent provide comfortable homes for dirt, germs or viruses.

For rest of the part, it seems the floating vanities, wood look matte floor tiles, backlit mirror , quartz countertop will be lasting this year gracefully.

Once seen as a futuristic and costly luxury, smart toilets and bidets are finding a prominent place in the post-pandemic home, according to the NKBA 2021 design trends report. “Toilets have traditionally been a gross nuisance to clean, but there are several worthwhile advances in this category that make them easier and healthier to live with,” writes wellness design consultant Jamie Gold in her book Wellness by Design.

Smart toilets have hands-free components, like self-closing lids and touch-free flushing, self-cleaning technology which includes bacteria-killing light under the lid, interior mechanisms that do the cleaning for you, and cling-free bowl surfaces,” writes Gold.

This sums up our curated list of Interior Design trends for 2021 for all the major zones or spaces in Residential Interior Design, but this is just part 1 . Checkout our Part 2  - which highlights upcoming trends on the basis of elements or material. You definitely dont want to miss that so stay tuned.

This is Paridhi Sahni from DesignTales24! Let us know how useful did you find this article in the comments below.

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