Making spaces better inch by inch.

As the title promises these basics and their little know-how in a few days will leave you wondering with just one question — are we in the right place?


Let’s begin.

Organise and purge

  • First, come first, get rid of the unneeded stuff that is cluttering up the environment.
  • Try to fix a place for everything in an organised and pretty manner. Get rid of the things you can’t make space for or find a new place in another room.
  • Try different placements.
  • You may make a list of everything you like or dislike about your room. Then decide what you want to change.
All scattered? Make a list! (‌‌source)

Window covering

A room is never completely finished until you address your window dressing situation.

Curtains, blinds, shades and sheers can be costly. There are infinite options available in the market so first decide what kind of coverage you need and then go from there.


White panel curtains are simple, cheap, match with almost any style. If you need curtains that block the early morning light but don’t appear heavy, consider thick cotton or velvet in pastel shades and avoid heavy prints.

Add a sheer curtain for the times when you want that light to fill up your room with a little bit of privacy. Now a lot of cheaper options are available in the market for sheers.

The combination of the main curtain and sheer curtain gives you the best of both worlds which are everybody’s favourite.

Turn on the good lighting

Your bedroom might have dim lighting that strains the eye or you have way too much light fixtures than actually needed.

In either case, you can benefit from a few well-placed lamps that increase the visibility without overloading the senses and contributing as a decor element to change the look.

Lamps are a wonderfully cheap accessory and very much in the trends these days. The most common types are — table lamps, wall-mounted lights, hanging lights, floor lamps.

A comforting colour pallet


You want everything in your bedroom to exude comfort and the colour palette is no exception.

Whether you’re a fan of warm or cool shades, pick colours that you naturally gravitate towards and give you a sense of calm personally. #findyourowncalm

WHEN IN DOUBT — neutrals have become a norm for bedrooms, makes it light, airy and bigger. Add a pop of colour on one of the walls by using other elements. (Talking about the next one coming on this list)


Artwork you adore

The bedroom is a great place to display the works of art that mean the most to you. Whether it’s paintings, sculptures, kid’s drawings, wall accents, mirror or plates. Make the most of it with whatever wall space you have.

If you have the choice, go for that wall behind the couch and decorate it in your own style. Whatever clicks?

Creative Headboard

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If you grow tired of things easily, using curtains as a creative headboard lets you update your room to fit every season and mood.

Moreover, curtain rod opens a realm of possibilities. You can hang fabrics, blinds, favourite sayings etc. Fabric can be applied in Rustic window panels for a one of a kind headboard

You can always get those inexpensive ready made chic upholstered headboards in pastel shades.

Own a rug

A rug can effortlessly transform any room and add an instant element of warmth. Not only a rug can change the look and mood of a room, but they also have a range of practical benefits — from warming your home, to reducing noise and protecting your floor.

It’s a total multi-tasker, capable of enhancing style and hiding imperfections in one chic fell swoop.

Rugs are literally a work of art — just one that is designed to be walked upon!

In fact, it’s our firm belief that everyone should own at least one rug.

Now, they can be used subtly with neutral colour tones, or you can make a statement with something bold and patterned. Play with layers but find suitable sizes. If your room is missing a little something, a rug can fill in the gap nicely.

Add a rug next to a bed and you’ve given yourself a layer of cushion and softness to step on first thing in the morning

Do try these at home!!! Ofcourse after the lockdown but not at all early to start planning trust me!
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