Making spaces better inch by inch.

Checkout the video above ☝🏾

Tips from the video

1. A funky doormat at the entrance as a first line of defense

  • Mud and slush not welcome!

2. An umbrella stand with a couple of vibrant umbrellas

  • Entry for water trail prohibited.

3. Let the wind chimes play with the cool breeze - Try DIY!

  • Add the soothing music of wind chimes to the sound of rain

4. Time to light those decorative scented candles.

  • Add glamour along with getting rid of the musty smell

5. Put down the heavy curtain panels (velvet, silk) and keep the light panels (sheer, lace)

  • Welcome light, air, brightness, freshness and avoid moisture

6. Take care of the walls by Waterproofing

  • Save them from the 'dampness monster'

If you find these tips helpful, feel free to share and comment!

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