Making spaces better inch by inch.

A garden is a distant dream if you live in a busy city. As an apartment owner, your balcony is the bridge to the outer world from the comfort of your home. Making your balcony a cozy place according to your design choice is something that can be done quickly and easily. Here are some ideas to decorate your balcony to make it a happy place where you can rewind at night, or retreat with a cup of coffee. It is a very quick project to undertake and the result is that you end up with a very beautiful and comfortable place that can be your nook!

Think about the balcony shape and proportions

When you have a small space, it is important to understand the proportion of i.e. the size of two objects and the same should be in sync. In this scenario, it is easy to remember that all the furniture and designing should be appropriate to the size of your apartment/condo balcony. Thin furniture and sleek designs are best if you have a small balcony. If you have more square footage, you could opt for bigger pieces and statement pieces that can transform your balcony from a simple space to something that is a gem of your home décor story.

The Trick is Layering!

To make the space cozy and welcoming you can opt for the layering technique. In your balcony, you can achieve this by the use of different textiles in the form of a washable outdoor rug, colorful and cheery throw pillows, comfy cushions and even a warm blanket for the windy, and cold days. The trick is to keep everything multi-functional and inexpensive because it is outdoors and may need frequent changes and sprucing up.

Let There be Light!

Lighting can make any space feel special and homey! If it is your forever home, you can add permanent lighting fixtures to your ceiling or walls that add a certain pizzazz to a place. If you are looking for ways to decorate your balcony in a rented place, use string lights, antique lamps, and candles to lend a warm touch. In the evenings, the lights add a certain charm to the unmatched outdoor setting. Imagine sitting on your sofa after a long day of work, under the lights! We believe that it is the small pleasures like your happy corner that can give you the strength for the next day of hard work.

Green Corner

If you have a green thumb, you can add a variety of plants that give the feel of a simple compact garden and give the illusion of being present in nature. To decorate your small balcony, a planter wall is an excellent alternative.

You can opt for a statement wall with creepers to cover the entire surface, or add a multitude of different planters and grow plants of various kinds - green, seasonal, etc.

If you are so inclined, you can even make it your kitchen garden with the fresh herbs and fruits that look and grow well in a sheltered environment.

Choose Balcony Furniture According to Décor and Longevity

If you have a balcony without a roof (kind of like a patio), then it would be good to invest in some waterproof furniture that is not very costly. Straw furniture is a classic, and also metal ones. You can add waterproof cushions for comfort and a cosy feeling. Or buy cheap furniture that is okay even if it gets ruined in the sun, rain and dust.

If you have a covered balcony then cosy, long lasting fabrics will create a welcoming space for retiring in the evening or rainy days with a plate of pakoras!

We would also recommend to install beautiful privacy screens and make it an extension of interior home design as well. You could even use that space for entertaining people and having a get-together with friends. You can shield yourself from prying eyes, and dust etc. by using privacy screens so that you can enjoy your me-time.

We believe that each item in the balcony should be a mix of function and utility. The textiles that you use need to be inexpensive and stylish, the furniture should be hardy and according to the needs of the space. Since outdoor space is a dream of people living in busy cities, it is a pleasure to decorate and enjoy that space too in your home. We hope these tips on how to decorate your balcony were helpful. You can also plan and discuss customized ideas for your balcony from our in-house interior designers for a polished balcony.

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