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Choosing a wallpaper that matches the style of your home, and your taste in home décor can create a very unique, exclusive look. Wallpapers are becoming commonplace in homes these days since there is a lot more to choose from, the application is cleaner and easy to maintain. But if you have only recently ventured into looking at wallpapers, you might be thinking: how to decide on a wallpaper from the diverse options in the market these days that would best match your style and needs.

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The Wallpaper Design Plan

The first thing you need to chalk out is how you are planning to use the wallpaper in the room because each will give a different finish. Cover all the walls with wallpaper in which case you can opt for simpler designs that would look contemporary. For example, vertical nautical lined wallpaper for a fresh look.

You can decide to create an accent wall with a fancy wallpaper with a big print or design to make it the focus of the wall.

On the other hand, using wallpaper with moldings that divide the wall into 2 parts. In this case, opt for wallpaper that matches the style and look of the whole room and the chair rail/moldings.

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Another cool idea would be to use wallpaper on the ceiling for a Victorian and fancy touch.

Keep the Wallpaper and Décor in Sync

It is crucial to consider the style of the room when you are trying to choose a wallpaper for home. If your design is traditional, you can opt for intricate stripes, which go perfectly with traditional furnishings. If the setting is romantic, go for floral and delicate damasks, in muted or pastel colors.

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If you have a contemporary room, you can go bold with geometrics, high gloss or metallic accents. Bold floral are also trending this year.

If it is casual, go for faux finishes such as stucco. You could also pair bead-board wallpaper with organic designs that give a relaxed feel.

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Make Your Rooms Seem Smaller or Larger

Pattern size will make a room appear bigger or smaller. You can decrease the size of a large room by opting for a large print with a darker background, which gives the optical illusion of a cozier feeling. Vertical stripes can make a wall look higher while horizontal stripes can make a room appear longer.

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Research the Backing Paper

After narrowing down on the color and style of the pattern, it is recommended to look for what type of backing the wallpaper has. Wallpaper with a non-woven backing can be stripped fully - in case of a change or if you are renting the house. Some papers are easy to apply because it does not expand on getting wet. Since it can be directly applied, it doesn't even need to soak. So this is also an important factor to consider if you have less time on your hands for the room remodel.

Flat vs. Textured Patterns

When deciding between a flat or textured design, we believe that it is entirely choice! In general, textured patterns give a more casual look to a room, whereas flat designs can make a wall more refined. Textured wallpapers add some dimension to the room. Another advantage is that they cover imperfections pretty well. Some textured wallpapers are paintable for a monochromatic look. Sometimes, the patterns in textured wallpapers are usually less detailed than flat design options. Flat options have other patterns as well: metallic, mica and glossy effects. For any imperfections, create a good base using wall liner for added coverage.

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Where To Buy the Wallpaper? A lot of local shops have samples. But due to Covid-19, it would be safer and more hygienic to look at wallpapers on online stores. Some e-shops also have comparison options, or you can consult our in-house interior design specialists for custom recommendations.

When deciding how to pick a wallpaper, we hope these design tips help you to shop with ease and success. Now that you have the wallpaper narrowed down, how much of it should you buy? To find out, read our article on how to measure wallpaper according to your needs. A lot of wallpaper websites have picture and texture galleries, and room settings – that can help you visualize the pattern on a larger scale.

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