Making spaces better inch by inch.

Home is that one place where we rewind ourselves after a hard day’s work from office. Do you agree with us? But now let’s think about those whose homes itself have become their new offices.

Yes, you read it correct. We are talking about these current Covid-19 times where a major chunk of people are redefining the work culture. The Lockdown period gives us no option but to work from home. But when it comes to setting up the home offices, you have to create a stimulating and streamlined workspace that promises an ultimate work life balance. Here are our top 5 tips to make your home office a success story during these Pandemic times.


Ask yourself these questions about your home office setup:

  • What is your true purpose for this home office?
  • What type of equipment is required?
  • Will there be frequent visits by your colleagues or external clients?
  • Will you require storage spaces?
  • Will you require to make frequent video conferencing calls?

Now, that you have a clarity, let’s get started with our pro tips!



The first rule of setting up a comfortable office is to get plenty of natural light. According to a study, people who get natural light sleep better. Another study indicates that higher lighting levels and daylight simulating fixtures can improve productivity. If natural light is not possible around, add ambient lighting or a simple soft light desk lamp for a happy, productive work environment.


Do you often feel a lack of motivation and need a special corner for brainstorming and get the creative juices flowing? If yes, then you can setup a separate nook where you can invest in a simple standing desk or a cool bean bag along with a pinboard/whiteboard for jotting down those creative ideas. Not to forget stacked books on a good bookshelf can be a treat to your eyes and mind!

Also, ensure there is a comfortable seating arrangement for your clients/colleagues in your setup, if they are planning to make a visit for any sort of collaborative work.


Good decor makes your office space more inviting and also improve productivity. Be selective in choosing a decorating style. Now add patterns, window treatments, and furniture to express your personal style. Be creative with office supplies by using decorative baskets or cover boxes with interesting fabrics. For your wall, be sure to include any artwork, inspirational quotes or photos that you love. Further, think vertically to maximize your storage options without taking up precious floor space.

work from home desk decor items


green plants on work from home desk

No matter what all you buy to decorate your home office, just don’t underestimate the power of natural décor. The presence of indoor plants gives you a feeling of tranquility and help to keep you centered. Also, they add dimension to workspace of all sizes. Scientifically, plants are natural humidifiers and filter out the air around, so dry eyes, sore throats, and similar discomforts can be reduced.


When seated, your feet should rest flat on the floor with your thighs parallel to it. Find a comfortable chair that offers ample back support and support the natural curve of your spine. Also ensure your work desk is at appropriate height, sturdy and smooth enough for your kind of work.

comfortable office chair

Fun fact: While writing this blog, I am comfortably working from my home office and sipping a hot cappuccino coffee in a quirky coffee mug design, so add on the same (if you are a coffee lover) and few other pretty little things to your list as well!

Happy Work from Home to you all! 😊

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