Making spaces better inch by inch.

Creativity is something that each one of us is born with. It just takes some effort to come up with ideas that are easy to execute. The Good News is, you can do it too.

There's no such thing as too much storage space and to be honest, we all have messed it up at least once in our life span. There are endless ways in which a lot of things can be repurposed, including furniture, decorations, and large things like pallets, shipping containers, or even some kitchen items. They can all be utilized to the optimum with tons of character and eventually turning junk into treasure.

DIY’s can be your best friend. Without much ado, let’s just dive in:


Here are some of the best hacks (tried and tested) to make your abode look not just interesting but completely fabulous. THANK US LATER!

1. DIY Magazine Holder

We all have a friend that loves magazines. This hack is just for them. Being a magazine lover is great but keeping them over time poses a storage problem.

Thankfully, with this trick magazine organiser you can add a lot of style oomph to a reading nook.

The idea is to transform the cereal box or any other cardboard box for that matter, into a cute magazine holder. All you need to do is cut the cardboard at proper angles and wrap/paint it beautifully.

DIY magazine holder
Checkout this video for DIY magazine holder!

These are also great for holding books or art projects(you can call it a diy book storage too)

2. Redefining the Shoe Rack

Just the sight of shoes piled up by the front door and an endless daily search for the right “mate,” is terribly annoying. Shoe storage can be a tedious task but we have got you covered with this DIY Shoe Rack!

Just bring a few PVC pipes and cut them out in the number of pieces you need (depends on your shoe collection).

Once you are done, you can begin gluing the pieces together and paint them in beautiful colours. Once it dries up completely, place this cool shoe rack wherever you see fit.

You can do this in a variety of shapes, and use different size pipes to accommodate just about anything you want to store.

3. Utilizing Versatile Ice Cube Trays

Ice cube trays turn old too. But you don’t have to throw them away. They are super-flexible. Along with making ice in your freezer, this not-so-expensive find can help in streamlining all sorts of random spaces in your home. Proof? Bring one down in your bathroom drawer to load things like hairpins, earring studs, loose hair-ties, clips, makeup items, and bindis too. Needless to say, it sounds cool and is economical too.

This “ON THE ROCKS” tray can also be used as a desk organizer for storing push pins, binder clips, and other similar items. Just go and de-clutter.

4. Recreating Old Handracks as Rake-ish

DIY shoe rack

Have you been looking for some jewellery display ideas? Here is one.
Redefine an old rake into a streamlined DIY jewellery organizer—providing room for the woman in you, viz. your necklaces, bracelets, a scarf/ dupatta, or whatever you like to play around with!

Before using, just simply wash and scrub the rake, and hang it from a nail on the desired wall in your room. And we are done with an (all purpose) accessories organizer.

All your accessories are now not just fashionably displayed but are fabulously accessible too. You can also show some love to your kitchen accessories in a similar way.

5. Making use of old cans

Most of us tend to empty out a tin can and just toss it in the recycling bin. While throwing the can away is an option, you can also turn these empty tin cans into an awesome, simple #DIY project.

All you need is a dash of creativity and turn these repurposed cans into something very creative. You can easily make planters, lamps, pencil holders, toys, hanging lights and so much more with these cans, and we are sure after this DIY project you will never look at cans in the same way again!

Checkout this video to make planters out of tin cans!

Summing up:

Admit it or not, we all are in this together. No matter what you buy to decorate your home, just don’t underestimate the power of creativity. This small yet smart effort gives us more joy than anything else!

Give your home items a second chance. Wrangle the situation once for all and this summer, make your home & family happy by taking your creativity to the next level.


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